Bird Watching Guides

New Zealand

Bird watching guides for New Zealand are rather limited but there are a handful of books that the birder may find useful for the New Zealand trip.

'The Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand' by Hugh Robertson and Barrie Heather and illustrated by Derek J Onley, published by Penguin Books (NZ) Ltd Auckland, New Zealand. This guide is simple and straightforward to use and the illustrations give clear indications of defining bird features. Short descriptions of each species together with usual localities and status result in a reasonable to good field guide.

'Field Guide to New Zealand Sea Birds' by Brian Parkinson, published by New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. This book provides an excellent map of New Zealand waters divided into regions and a checklist of the birds likely to be found in each of these regions. Clear photographic illustrations accompany each bird description together with a range map and current status.

Bird Watching Guides

'Birds of New Zealand - Locality Guide' by Stuart Chambers published by Arun Books, Auckland (ISBN 0-473-07327-7). This guide provides photographic illustrations of the species likely to be encountered in New Zealand including the offshore islands. The bird descriptions detail not only family, Common name, size, related families, and physical appearance, but also song, characteristics, breeding season, nesting locations, and best times/locations for observation.

This book also has a large section on localities for viewing various bird species and directions to reach these locations. However, the directions can be poor with some inaccuracies and/or lack of detail. A good map of the area is therefore strongly recommended.

A number can be seen on our 12-acre property in the garden, near the stream and on our grazing land.

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